Office Medenta after the 25th anniversary party and its successful existence, decided to provide to their patients in addition to a perfect smile and a perfect rejuvenated complexion, the Anti-Age program, which includes:



Wrists, whose role is to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and new production. This leads to increased tone, facial skin becomes tight, there is a reduction of wrinkles around the eyes, but also in the nasolabial work. The texture of the skin becomes smoother, and enlarged pores considerably narrowed.



A variety of active substances, which are necessary for the assessment of a certain type of skin and ages of life, and the condition of the skin are injected by this method. The point of this method lies in the depth of penetration of the active substance. The most expensive and highest quality cream, when applied to the face, has only 10% penetration into the skin, however with mesotherapy penetration is up to 90%.

Hyaluronan acid, a natural component of our body decreases over time. Its precision is filled by inserting certain irregularities on the face, which arise as a consequence of ageing, such as nasolabial folds, horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, and wrinkles around the eyes.


Cocktail mix of hyaluronic acid and multivitamin complex achieves remarkable effect that will rejuvenate your face and lead to a perfectly radiant complexion!


Your friend in the fight against scars (as a result of acne) and hyperpigmentation that usually arise in response to the penetration of UV rays. A bundle of needles 1,5 – 2,5 mm to penetrate the skin layer. In this way, a record is deleted in the dermis. If you have any of these problems, in our center you can successfully rehabilitate and repair the skin condition to 80-90%.

Of course when applying this method, which is performed only in the interval from October to April, the patient must be informed that there is a possibility of small skin injuries, which disappear in 2-3 days, and under it perfect skin remains.

The intervention is done with a local anesthetic.


estetika-lica-003bMechanical exfoliation, removes small imperfections on the skin, affects the pores, so that the texture of the skin becomes smoother and the pores are narrowing. Also after several successive treatments deep wrinkles become shallower.


We have a large range of chemical peels, depending on the needs of the patient.


We would like to especially offer you:

  • LACTOBIO C when tomorrow is a special day for you!!!! After just one scrub your face will shine the next day… The day before your wedding, birthday or for any important event for you, you come to do this phenomenal express beauty peeling.
  • ULTIMATE EYE CORRECTOR gives fantastic results in the struggle with eye bags, as well as the elimination of wrinkles in the region of the eye.
  • Glycolic
  • Salicylic
  • Piling algae from the Russian sea SUITABLE FOR PERSONS WITH SPECIAL skin problems, because it directly affects the work sebacelic glands, but also eliminates red spots and other irregularities as a result of acne.
  • LIPOLYSIS if you have problems with excess fat in a particular region, such as pelvis, thigh and other. Lipolysis is a perfect method for you! With this method in your troubled region experts inject cocktails which should decreases fat in 21 days. So the optimal time for the next visit is after 21 day.
    Very good effect is achieved after four treatments.


Well known fillers , after one visit your wrinkles become past.

Fillers are usually the choice when it comes to the biggest wrinkles, fighting in the area of the eye (not mimic, elimination of expression wrinkles Botox is usually done), wrinkles around the lips, tiny wrinkles so-called smoking wrinkles…

FFiler initially needs to be repeated every six to eight months, later on this repetition period decreases. Injection of hyaluronic acid leads to hyper production of our own connective sequencing which with every repetition increasingly delays period for the next visit.


There are situations when you just arrive with injection of botox to the desired results.

Botox is a treatment of choice in the mimic wrinkles, vertical wrinkles on the forehead and of course as prevention of wrinkles.

Botox is not recommended for treatment of lines on the lower half of the face, because the muscles of this region are important for normal daily functions.

Results of botox application will be obvious after a few days, but the real effect is due approximately 10 days after application.

In fact the first application of Botox lasts about six months, when it should be repeated.

With treatment, you can stop at any time without worrying about any unwanted consequences.

ALL interventions related to BOTOX AND FILLERS SURGEON PERFORMED with extensive work experience.